Friday, February 21, 2020

Amazing Things have Happened since August

Hey everyone,

Last time I wrote a blog post was back in August. I did not think it has been that long since last time I wrote. My JRA has been very under control. I haven't had any flare ups at all and any pain I have felt has been manageable. With my medications (Orencia, Plaquenil, and Naproxen), I have been feeling really good! It's been a very long time that I have felt this good and even during the winter. Usually, winter is always the worst time for me for my pain and inflammation. My health hasn't changed much, but a lot has changed in my life. On my last post I mentioned about the one amazing thing I was looking forward to! My trip back to DISNEY WORLD after 15 years and this time was with my parents, my boyfriend, and his family. I also had mentioned that I was working on making ears for our trip, which I created my own business of Disney Ear making and has been growing little by little. Please click here to get to my Disney Ears IG page. I have created 24 ears till this day and have all been different themes.
My Parents, My Fiancé, My In-Laws & I
But I do want to talk a little bit more about my Disney Trip. It was such a memorable vacation. There aren't enough words in this world to express how wonderful it was. It was a total of 12 of us and we rented a huge Airbnb so we could all stay in the same house together (Honestly, the BEST DECISION EVER)! We did all 4 Disney Parks (Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios) and we did both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures. If I could write about our trip I would take an entire blog post about our trip! As a matter of fact, I will write up a whole blog post about our trip and everything we did. I will write it up and separate the post by day and include pictures and videos! But the most meaningful and beautiful moment that could happen to anyone happened to me in the MOST MAGICAL PLACE ON EARTH! On September 5th, 2019, my boyfriend at the time proposed to me right in front of Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom (Video Below):

Also, How They Asked by The Knot also published our proposal story on their page, so I will be leaving the link to that here:
Paula & Ronnie's Proposal Story
After all, this trip meant everything to me. To going back to Disney World with my parents, with my boyfriend at the time and my in-laws has no words. Keep an eye out for my next post about this trip! I will tell you more about it in full detail! How I mentioned in my last post, traveling with any illness is hard. A lot of preparing needs to be done before packing. Honestly, my plan was to create a post while I actually packed, but we had so much going on where I didn't have the time to. So this September I will be writing a post about how I pack when I go away because I will be going back to DISNEY WORLD for our MINNIE "MINI" HONEYMOON! Since there's a lot of walking I take a lot of things to be prepared for anything. That will be all explained on a post before I travel. From now on I will try my best to create posts about one specific topic and go into full detail on everything and will always include how my JRA is affected or affects me in what I'm doing. I've been super busy also planning my WEDDING! My fiancé and I ever since the trip we started to plan out our wedding date and since then everything has been on the move. We will be getting married September 5th, 2020 on our Engagement Anniversary. In just 3 weeks we practically had everything done! This has been a very exciting journey and start of a new chapter. I can't say wedding planning has made me flare up or anything like that as of now, but I have been pretty well during this process. Thank you all for being so patient with me, but I will try my best to post more often about everything going on during all these crazy months coming up!

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-Paula Valencia 

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